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Music Lessons

ESL Lessons







Tiffany Moon




Abduction & Trauma


Aid & Advocacy

Survivor of childhood abduction seeking aid for living expenses while pursuing justice and healing.Author and advocate for abduction survivors:Tiffany Moon Foundation.


Holistic Healing

Tools and instruction for trauma survivors:Moon Metaphysics.





Spiritual music, instruction packages and opera composition for childrenís voices, including a seven-part opera cycle based on the Harry Potter book series:Harry Potter Opera Cycle.Projects on hold.



Instruction in piano, violin, guitar, Celtic and Baltic harps for children and adults, and voice for children and teens.Specialization in curriculum design and interaction with intellectually gifted youth, introverts and intuitives.Promotion of Erinís Law and child safety.Former owner of the Institute of Arts and Letters, providing music-immersion programs.




Text Composition

Program study guides for music students and materials for ESL instruction


Literature Composition

Current project:Autobiography focused on childhood trauma:Tiffany Moon Foundation.Projects on hold:Series of metaphysical parapsychology materials for young learners, and a philosophical compilation of essays and prose about speciesism and connectionism.††††


Instruction & Research

ESL and VESL instruction, and dialect instruction for dramatic artists and singers of opera.Former owner of the Institute of Arts and Letters, providing ESL and VESL programs.Research in language development, sociolinguistics and forensic linguistics.


Metaphysical Ministry



Ordained minister and High Priestess of the Goddess.Community service in spiritual support, holistic-healing arts, charity and cause support, and political activism.Focus on the service of women, children and animals.


Spiritual Psychic Service

Second-generation psychic, exercising claircognizance, clairsentience, mediumship, oneironauticism and psychokinesis as primary skills.Focus on service to animals.


Holistic Trauma Healing

Tools and instruction for trauma survivors:Moon Metaphysics.Focus on domestic violence, sexual abuse and assault, abduction, and PTSD-symptom management


Materials Composition

Instructional materials for holistic and intuitive-arts education, and a series of metaphysical parapsychology materials for young learners.Projects on hold.


Instruction & Research

Instruction in holistic wellness and intuitive arts for adults and children, with promotion of Erinís Law and child safety:Moon Metaphysics.Research in metaphysics genres, including paranormal studies and quantum-mechanical applications of oneironautics.


Diet & Lifestyle Instruction

Instruction in sustainable vegan diets and product consumption, and balance of whole-body health.Assistance and support during transitions into healthful vegan lifestyles.


Curriculum Vitae


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