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Welcome to the online studio of Tiffany Diane Moon, classical musician, linguist and metaphysical minister. This site contains information about my professional projects, publications and instruction. For information about kidnapping, abduction and trauma, and to help, please visit the Tiffany Moon Foundation.





Rev. Tiffany Diane Moon

January 1971 January 2015

Reverend Moon died of an autoimmune disease, caused by prolonged, profound stress and repeated physical injuries from crimes committed against her between 2009 and 2014 in San Diego County, CA, and by multiple, related illegal actions of county officials, denials of government disability aid and crime-victim services, and repeated medial malpractice. These crimes began with domestic violence and stalking by a wealthy client whose wife and daughters disclosed his abuse of them to her in 2009, and ended with HUD fraud and stalking by a property owner and local attorney who misused an emergency government housing grant intended to save her life in 2014. Details are published on the Tiffany Moon Foundation Website and its related blogs.


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